The Sisterhood of the Traveling Drinks

There comes a time in your life when making friends isn’t as easy as it used to be. You see, I was never really a victim of this phenomenon during my younger years. I went to an all-girl catholic school in Peru and I’ve been friends with the same girls for almost 20 years; they are really more like sisters to me at this point. 

Fortunately, College  turned out to be a completely different story for me, and I was able to meet people from all over the world and bond over different interest. However , it wasn’t until I fully embraced my college status (forced myself to leave my bed after a deadly break-up) that I met these wonderful ladies at a keg party.

I didn’t meet them all at once but each one of them added more adventures to my life that I’ve could’ve ever imagined. I don’t like to think of myself as sheltered but my Peruvian past was mostly filled with books and tests. I didn’t know how to skate (still don’t) , I didn’t know how to ride a bike (still kind of don’t ) , I had never gone camping (still kind of hate nature) and these ladies somehow pushed me out of my comfort zone repeatly for fun. 

We recently had “girls night” together and while driving up to see one of them we realized that , not only did the Backstreet Boys  come out 20 years ago , but how our lives have changed so much since we met that we really couldn’t wait to see what the future holds for us. Truth is, that we started our friendship sipping on mixed drinks and taking nasty shots of cheap vodka in a college dorm and now, we talk about who’s going to babysit our kids in the future….while sipping on margaritas and drinking better vodka. 

I will be eternally grateful to the friend who decided to bring me to that party because I found the family I was looking for without even really knowing it. We may not be able to stay up drinking past 10 pm anymore but our long friendship has taught us that girls night can turn into girls day any time as long as we do it together.


Welcome to your 20’s

cryingOne of the reasons why I started this blog was because I realized I googled ” I’m 25 and I have no idea what I’m doing with my life” way too much. If you are in your 20’s and you feel entirely lost…. I’m your girl.

In this era of emojis and texting, competition seems to be all around us. Think about it for a minute, you compete for the latest technology, you compete for the ultimate job that probably doesn’t pay much but it’s related to your major, you compete to stay fit and at the same time be able to drink beer, and the ultimate competition of all…. marriage.

As a young girl I never contemplated the idea of marriage as a goal. My goal was to be a successful business woman with a giant walk in closet and a giant dog. Then, of course, you meet the guy that changes everything and ,for a moment, you think that your life is coming together. Then your friends start getting engaged and throwing big parties and you begin thinking… “Am I next?” . Well the answer is no and then you also realize that your job has nothing to do with your major and that you are simultaneously pouring yourself a double Titos and Sprite on a Monday night. That’s your twenties.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not bashing marriage or people that find their future husbands their freshman year in college. If anything, I give them props for making such a huge commitment in a generation where 90% of our life is disposable. I’ll even give them bonus points if they make it through their first 3 years of marriage. I guess after years of heartbreaks and what ifs, I have become skeptic to destiny and happy endings.

But then I go to my happy place, the country where I grew up and I see that my friends are 25 ,fabulous, single and with good careers. Where their biological clocks are set to go off when their careers allow it and no 7-year-long-boyfriend is going to change that. In that 3rd world country, they are in no rush to take the next step because they’re too busy enjoying the current one. I admire them and , frankly, envy them sometimes.

This blog is meant to show you the ups and downs of our generation and it is a safe place to express frustrations and happiness. So cheer up! and let’s enjoy this messy ride together.

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The Do-over

The picture above is me in what I would like to call “my prime”. Recent Marsters graduate with a recent promotion and a new outfit. I must admit, grad school is 10 times more difficult when you’re working 50 + hours a week and trying to keep a decent social life. I never had enough hours in the day to finish my stuff and I’m pretty sure my body temporarily replaced water with Cuban coffe (my favorite).

But despite of all the hard work , I couldn’t bring myself to fully enjoy the moment later. You see, when I graduated with my bachelors I was in somewhat of a dark place. My boyfriend of two years broke up with me, I didn’t have a job lined up, no money , no plan. My answer to all this: get a tattoo, book a trip to Colombia and then move to New Jersey to get my Masters.

My New Jersey stage wasn’t all so bad because I actually got to meet a lot of different people and most importantly, I got to know myself better. Being alone in a new place sobers you up and gives you the opportunity to reinvent yourself and forces you to grow up. I had to create a new support system and hope to not mess up too much. Unfortunately, I was a victim of homesickness and came back to sunny Florida a year later with a decent job lined up for me.

Still, part of me really wishes I hadn’t given up so quickly. What would I be doing? Who would I be with? I’m a strong believer that everything happens for a reason so maybe I was meant to come back.

I guess my real question is…. Is it ever too late to get a do-over?